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November 2, 2023 ~ Thursday

Just another day. I'm feeling grateful that my moods have been stable for as long as they have. I've been blogging for how long? And I'm not hiding dark thoughts. More often than not, these days, I'm even having to remind myself of the purpose. Managing life with mental illness.

My mood was fine but I was tired yesterday, napped at lunchtime. Played my flute for over an hour after work before pool. It was ok. Like riding a bike. Won at 8-ball, lost in 9. It was a late night.

I have a date this evening with s man I met a few nights ago. He's too young for me but seems to have s lot of good stuff going on in his life. Successful. We'll see!

I'm thinking of dedicating tomorrow evening and Sunday entirely to writing.

Tomorrow morning I have an appt at a gym down the road. Time to accept I'll need to do some work if I want to take off some of the weight gained. Low carb dieting doesn't seem to be taking. And I am going on 50 after all! I picked up a scale yesterday and I'm afraid to see the damage. Size 10 jeans are snug!

Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee. Blog. Moment or gratitude for my health and my kids. News. Time to get ready for work. Have an amazing day!

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