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November 20, 2023 ~ Chilly Out!

Good morning... it's chilly out! And I'm a little stopped up! Oy.

Yesterday was a good day. I realized I made a mistake and I'm human. You can't blame a person for hoping and dreaming about love, but love it was not. And it's ok.

I ran a few errands, took a nice nap, took a bath, and had some company last night. Safe company. :) Meaning, I had a friend over who cares about me and my health. 😉

Here's Rowan, sweet as could be during a short visit yesterday.

I'm ready to take on a short work week.

Oh! I can finally share the news. My kids got married last week! I kept hinting I had something to share... 🥰 I'm so happy for and proud of them. They went to the courthouse and took care of business. And we met for a photo shoot for an announcement on social media.

I need to plan my workday, shower... my supervisor is off this week and Thanksgiving is Thursday. I'll be spending the day with my kids. Saturday, we may be taking a little trip. So excited about it!

Have an amazing day! All is well here. Here's a flyer I created for the Dugout also.

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