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November 22, 2023 ~ Weds Before Thanksgiving

Poor Ganby! Admitted to the hospital last night due to pneumonia-related breathing complications! At least we know she's safe and we will figure out what's going on. I'm waiting a little while to call Kalob for an update.

Me, I had a flat tire in the rain yesterday and now have to take the jeep for a new one this morning AND my check engine light came on.. so back to the shop it goes. Then I'll rent a car, I believe, so I can work, pick up groceries for tomorrow, and play pool tonight. Too much going on!

Quick note about the close-call with a boyfriend last week. It was love-bombing by a narcissist. A man I used to see a little last year when I wasn't well. We ran into each other last week and spent a couple days together talking about the future. It was amazing the things he said. There was a hole in his heart after I got sick that was never filled. People are going to be jealous of what we have. He more than likes me. He laid it on thick! He believed we were going to be a power couple.

Then... gave me the slip after a party. Told me he'd meet me somewhere else and no showed.

I know that he just saw another woman he wanted to "talk to" at the party Sat night.

Monday morning on the Today Show they discussed narcissism, love-bombing, euphoric recall (my reaction)... everything... and it fit to a t! Right down to being so self-absorbed. Constant talking about himself. About what other women think of him. About how many friends he has. Everything.

I made a decision that I am not a victim here because it felt good and ended soon enough. It was nice to think that someone felt that way for me, even if just for a moment. I'm ok with it ending because his lifestyle is too fast for me anyway. I don't want to be on the go the way he is all the time... or to sleep through beautiful mornings. He's a party guy. Maybe even a bit sick with alcoholism and other addictions. Sex? Drugs?

It is a little scary to think it was a close call to a broken heart. Maybe even another hospitalization. That was the result of trying to keep up with him in 2022. I learned. 😉

I could tell my conversation was starting to bore him and so quickly!

I also have this little thing in the back of my mind, other women who may be drawn into relations with him. I can't allow myself to think about it.

So... a busy day today. Still stopped up with a cold too but I'll take some Tylenol cold and sinus and get going.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Blog. Good sleep. Need to design a couple ads. Create a grocery list. Maybe get a car lined up.

We have to cancel our plans to go to Pittsburgh this weekend because of Gabby's challenges, the poor thing. May need to help out with Rowie.

Have an amazing day!

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