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November 24, 2023 ~ Black Friday

Goood morning! I finally woke up well-rested and COLD-FREE! Yes! It was a tough few days for me!

Yesterday turned out to be a lovely Thanksgiving once my turkey was deemed worthy. The meat falling off the bone. Until then, it was pretty stressful!

Gabby was released from the hospital and home by about 1pm yesterday and I was on holiday cooking duty. And I'm not a cook! I made the turkey, candied yams, and mashed potatos, and allowed everything else to come from boxes and cans. Enough. And yummy! Andrew and his girlfriend added mac and cheese which was perfect.

It was so nice to have Gabby home but I'm so worried about her still. She's having a really tough time. One month to go until Junior gets here!

All day I literally felt gratitude for my mental health and all of our blessings in 2023. My job has provided me with all that I need in order to continue living alone. My dogs are healthy. With the exception of Gabby's current situation my kids have had a pretty healthy year. We have a baby on the way. My credit has improved since getting new credit cards so I'm on track for purchasing a home in the future. My book is really coming along. My parents are well. I've been consistent with this blog and my other routines. I'm not letting being single get me down. Eric has opened up to the beginning of friendship. AND not to mention how well he's taking care of the kids too. I just have so much to be thankful for right now.

Today I'm going to spend time with my friend Meg. We're going to do some Black Friday shopping. Specifically, we're going to hit an amish furniture store in Farmville? She must be looking for something specific.

I may take the dogs on a quick trip to the park. They've been couped up in the house for days due to rain and then not wanting to share their hair with the kids yesterday. Normally, I take them with me on my visits. But yesterday I left them home because of the pnemonia. Also, Diesel's jumping their fence. He needs to be tied up their now if he's outside and that's no fun.

I need to make a decision. Am I going to cave and invest in some jeans that fit me at this weight? Should I succum to being this bigger size or hold out a little longer? My current jeans situation is getting very bad. I only have a couple pairs I can actually zip up and I see holes about to bust in bad places! lol Yes. Take advantage of Black Friday sales and get some jeans. Maybe a few dresses for work too.

I have to say I'm super proud of how much work I was able to get done on my book Wedsnesday night and Thursday morning. Being sick kept me in and it worked. I've formatted the pages to make it 5.5" x 8.5," created a cover, and reformatted all of the Headings. It's about 50 pages right now and laid out pretty well. Decide who's on your team, create a plan, get over embarrassment, tackle challenges head on, tips for the individual just coming out of crisis and caregivers, conclusion. I have more ideas and think I will aim for 125 pages and a first real review by a couple editors by Christmas. !!

I'm seeing my book as both a way to help a lot of people AND maybe my way to step into a new life. Once published, I believe I may try to set up some speaking engagements, reconnect with the recovery community I once loved so much. I needed to step away simply to be able to earn a living. Maybe I can find a way to do it there? I know that I enjoy public speaking and I have a lot to say. I know that I really enjoy listening to motivational speakers and it's something I'm starting to be interested in doing myself. Why not?

I know that in order to be able to afford to buy a home in the future something needs to change. I need to save enough money for a down payment. Book sales and speaking engagements may be the way. Is that grandiose?

So, today, I'll see Meg, we'll do some shopping and have a nice dinner. Tonight, I don't know. My dancing crew is going on a vacation without me! Tomorrow, I will get my Christmas tree and set it up! And maybe put some lights on the bushes in the front, get a couple new candles for my windows. Maybe a few deer for the yard. I really want to enjoy the season this year. Tomorrow night, again, who knows?? Sunday, write!

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Blog. Oh, I can design a new ad with Christmas included. 'Tis the season! And I need to create a couple flyers for a Christmas and New Year's Eve party. My favorites to design! I love Christmas.

Have an amazing day! I'm finally feeling better!

~ MiMi

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