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November 25, 2023 ~ Morning!

Gooood morning! Just getting up because it was a late one. I danced and danced! Met E out.

Yesterday was a beautiful, cool Black Friday for shopping in Fatmville with Meg. She found an end table at the Amish furniture store. I racked up at Kohl's. A good time was had. Pretzel and wine at Macado's too.

Meg pooped out on me early but it was sooo nice to see her! Friends forever. Actually, almost 20 years we've known each other, we figured out yesterday. I was finishing up my master's degree in 2004 when we first met.

I was really proud to be able to share my blog and the progress of my book with her. ❤️

I plan to get my Christmas tree today if I can get my act together. :) I feel great, just need a little more coffee.

Maybe I'll write more later. 😉

Oh. Gave a man a dose of medicine last night. Meaning, none of my time! He doesn't deserve it anymore. I felt nothing too. Except the need to have my pepper spray in my hand going from my car to my house. Oy.

M gave me a BIG kiss goodbye!! Hmmm... maybe after I close on my new home. I think I've decided singlehood is where I should stay until I get that done. I really have nothing to offer a man right now.

Have an amazing day!

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