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November 27, 2023 ~ Monday

Morning! Busy day ahead and I'm ready! I have most of a workday scheduled and ready for printing. Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee. Sleep. It's still so early!

Get to have lunch with Casey and Alex today and really looking forward to it. And to checking in on Gabby.

I'm feeling pretty good. Will jump in the shower soon. Might do a little writing in my book. Start inserting place holders for photos. Write about the holidays.

I might get some good news, word on a job opening. I don't want to leave where I am but it would mean two things, a little more money and some peace of mind. I feel like a move will need to be made in the next year anyway, since someone is about to retire. No more buffer!

May due a little shopping for Cyber Monday, Christmas gifts for my kids.

Need to get my nails done too. Like I said, a busy day!

I really don't have a lot to say. :)

Have an amazing day!

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