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November 4, 2023 ~ Saturday

Goooood morning! It's going to be a cool but pretty day and my plans have changed. Instead of the oyster festival, I'm going to have a little visitor. Rowie's coming for a sleepover! 💕🥰

Yesterday was a busy day with my supervisor coming to town. We worked on our project and had 4 visits before he headed back to the beach. My boss called at almost 4pm and kept me on the phone until 6 after that. Oy! He's a talker!

I stayed home and relaxed last night. Got great sleep and am ready for a good day.

I didn't hear from T but I don't blame him for not being interested. I'm a handful and he has a lot in his life to protect. Two kids and early retirement plans. It's ok. Not meant to be.

I may or may not have disclosed too early. I'm including the challenge of deciding when to disclose to others as a subject in my book. I don't know. Maybe it's me sabotaging dates. What am I expecting by doing it anyway? To save time? Yes.

I really do need to just learn to be content on my own. If it's meant to be that someone amazing comes into my life then it will be. Life can still be wonderful on my own. :)

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