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November 3, 2023 ~ TGIF!

Well, my date was handsome and fun. We'll see if he had fun too soon enough. We had a really good steak dinner, a pool lesson, and another stop at the end of the night. I'm afraid I may have made a couple mistakes, but I was myself. ☺️ Can't say more because he may read this!

My supervisor comes to town this morning to work on a project. We'll be setting up our laptops in Panera by 9. It's going to be too cold I bet in there this morning. I hope not!

It's Friday and I'm ready for the weekend. I plan on doing a lot of writing and going to an oyster festival. I actually got a little more writing done yesterday 😉. Refreshed my memory on how to add a Table of Contents to a word document and made progress creating chapter headings while doing so. Structure was needed for the book.

I'm feeling good today. Getting ready for my second cup of coffee. I hope I hear from him. We actually had quite a few things in common. Love of the sun, jigsaw puzzles, pool, music. More. Of all things, he likes to write too. And he's a Christian. And a good parent, I believe.

Have an amazing day!

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