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November 30, 2023 ~ Thurs

Ugh! Didn't get home from pool until 11:30 last night. Good thing I won both matches! 🎱 I still feel pretty well rested.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day with a new flyer then a full day on the road.

Had a nice talk with M on the phone in the evening before pool. Poor guy is battling a cold. Hopefully he'll be up for tonight.

Did something for the first time this morning and I'm not sure I should have. I've been allowing myself to think a little about him and decided to scan his fb photos to see his smile. Ugh. There was the great smile... and pictures of her. My old friend.

It's ok. Just odd to think that they were so happy together. She and I are alike in some ways and very different in others. I wonder what he's really like. We have to figure out if I'd bore him too easily. And if my act is together enough.

Or, we can just have some fun. Keep expectations low? What do I reallly want? Someone to spend some time with me. It really doesn't matter much what we do, or does it? Not much. It'll be interesting to see. It'd be nice to date someone who like to sing and dance. And he does.

It's also odd to me that he's friends with T. I'm trying to imagine what their conversations are like. Considering when he, T, was with me, the topics of our conversations were so limited. They were him, and him, and him. How does M handle it or is he gifted with more depth? Seriously, I was thinking T may have addiction issues. Are they truly friends? Was I wrong? I hope so.

He's also a drummer. Will it be fun to be in the crowd? Do Don and Tonya like his band? Will they like him? I believe they will.

I had a silly thought about my old girlfriend. If she tries talking to me again I'll tell her to stop, or I'll post some of the old photos of her I was forbidden to post. lol. Jk. I wouldn't do it. I just imagine it's a simple tactic that might be effective, since she was always so concerned about photos.

It's really probably mute though, since I crossed over to the dark side when I kissed him. 🥰 I made it officially to a list, I believe, and will most likely just be mean-girled or left alone entirely. What I really want is to be left alone. I have nothing to say for her behavior.

Today's a busy work day with my boss coming to town. I'll be glad when it's over.

If someone wakes up feeling better, we'll do dinner and a movie.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. News. Coffee. Shower soon. Ad re Sunday being closed.

I have not prepared for my weekend company just yet. Trying to be mindful of $$ and not overdue it. Plus, what we're doing, light up night tomorrow, the parade Sat, shouldn't cost much. Cookies, that can end up being a different story. Would be great if I could get the dough ready this afternoon for sugar cookies. I found a coupon for Dave and Buster's and that's something we haven't done together yet. Bet she would love it.

Need a gift for Sunday and a dress for Tuesday's networking event. And a gift for our work holiday party on the 15th. Gifts for Rowan for Christmas, maybe Junior too. Buy for Kalob and Gabby? Something small.

I didn't hear about the job but am not following up on it either. Not sure I want to make the change. The flexibility of my current situation is hard to beat. Just need to get through the winter, and get a little more focused.

Have an amazing day!

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