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November 8, 2023 ~ Postponed, Rest and Relaxation, and Work!

So, my announcement has to be postponed temporarily but I have a good one coming! Yesterday was more than productive in other ways....

Sales meetings in the morning.. 9 appts after, including 1 lead and work on 3 new accounts. A good work day. I followed it up with some R&R on the sofa, flute practice (coming back to me!) and.... drum roll... writing!

How can I sit and feel sorry for myself because of boredom when I really do have a great project to work on. So many people spend their lives just getting by, not helping anyone. Writing my book is a chance to say that I did something to try to help others. If I can stop forgetting that maybe I can get it done! I wrote for over an hour last night. Right now, I have almost 5,000 words!

The conversation with my kids the other night reminded me of this need. I hate the thought of people with means not helping others... I don't have means but there is something I can do. More, if I decide to start volunteering some time in the community. Which has been a serious consideration lately. Maybe after completing the book.

Book topics: Figuring out who is on your team, medication, driving, marriage, dating, disclosing, tips, more. It's really coming along, I think. Day and night to what it looked like a month ago.

Had interesting communication come in last night from my date last week. My young man lost his phone for a week? I've been beating myself up for nothing? Hmmm... I'm not sure I believe it but what matters, he made the decision to reach out again. I had more questions and might get some answers.

If I misunderstood him, I'm glad. Because I've taken some time to evaluate my situation here at home. I've been getting some things in order that were overdue, because I was going out too much. I had a new vacuum for two weeks and hadn't completed putting it together, for goodness sake. I had a broken hook that needed hung back on the wall. A little glue fixed that problem yesterday. And I finally had my car key replaced. It'll be nice to have a fob that works again! How long has that been? Priorities woman.

A quick note: Going out too much does not necessarily equate to drinking too much! I was just finding anything and everything to do to fill up time in the evenings, having trouble being alone. Also, getting exercise dancing. I still need exercise but squeezing in line dancing at every opportunity, took away from time at home.

Next? Groceries. Because I haven't been eating the best again and... YMCA visit. I was thinking about joining Crunch fitness but, I think I enjoy swimming too much not to join a gym with a pool.

I still need to find the remote to my heater, lost in the living room. It's going to require turning over furniture. Need to fix the furniture. Sell my old sofa and get it moved out of the shed so I can get to my Christmas items. Bill for the website I built, has it been 2 months now? Still waiting on photos from the client to add to it but that's on him. I did the work. Replace the floor lamp with the base that has deteriorated. I can't believe how long I've owned some things. I try not to think how old that makes me feel! I need to re-line the shelves in my hall closet. After 3 years what was originally put down is coming up. Need to mow the grass. Replace the blinds in the kitchen. Return clothes to Kohl's. And I need to purchase and have Kalob install a hanging lamp in the corner of my living room. My new sofa set is making lighting the room a challenge.

I'm getting so excited for the holidays. Last year, I was working for Harley-Davidson making much less $$. I couldn't afford a tree! This year, I will have a beautiful one. And this is right around the corner. I can't believe I went without.

And next month we'll have a new baby in the family!!!!!!! It's looking like Junior might beat Christmas if Gabby has her way.

Time to get ready for work. Meds/vitamins... check! Dogs. Coffee. Ads Posted. Check check! PepTalk App playing. Have an amazing day! I plan to... and then to play pool tonight!

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