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October 11, 2023 ~ Wednesday

I feel like like is moving at a nice pace, like I have found a form of normalcy.... not being concerned of my mental health every day. My moods are pretty stable and most notably, they're not going on the low part of the spectrum. I haven't felt negative thoughts creeping in in quite a while. ❤️🙏

And a lot of things are just falling into place. Like what I called closet organizers... they're actually garment racks. I purchased a couple last weekend to set up in my spare room because I finally conceded, this house is too small for me. The closets too tiny. And I need to make getting ready for work easier by having more clothes hung. I put the racks together myself a couple nights ago and life is already a little easier by it. I can see what I have.

Yesterday was a good day... no activity to report for work but a good day nonetheless. I made eggs and sausage for breakfast. The weather was beautiful. We didn't have our sales meeting because our supervisor is on vacation. We didn't have our training because we didn't receive invites in our emails to the zoom meeting. Did someone forget to pay a bill? Anyway... left the house from 11:30-4:00, then napped before dinner with my kids.

Great conversation as usual over there. The excitement of their baby on the way is building. Talked a lot about family and the past. Rowie was sweet as always. Diesel and Riley enjoyed the visit too. Had BBQ, sticking well with low-carb dieting.

Home early enough to finish the last 2 episodes of Yellowstone I had left in the series. Enjoying my new electric heater. Finally replaced! Bed 11pm.

I'm a little stumped about how to proceed with the band, and whether or not I should. I need to finish a little bit of research and make the decisions. How do I charge? How much tiime should I dedicate each week? has the most basic design right now and I wait for more photos.

I'm a teensy bit stumped on my book-writing... since I deviated from the flow and just started letting random thoughts find their way to paper. Need to really work on the structure now.

Need to put together a Halloween costume or 2 since it's coming. Did I mention I was invited officially to Halloween on base with the kids and E? It's going to be so much fun! Also going to an adult party with D & T which will be fun.

New photo for Facebook profile, taken by D last weekend... We were listening and dancing to a GREAT band. Can't think of the name of it at the moment!...

The baby shower is a week and a half away and need a cake! 💕❤️ looks like Mickie has the games covered.

Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee in my new Keurig. Nice to have one that actually works again!

Need to schedule workday. Design an ad. Shower. Doctor appt 8:30am. Maybe listen to PepTalk, for some inspiration.

Looking forward to pool tonight. And happy I have a little creative energy going this morning... as you can see by the addition of some photos! 😃

Have an amazing day!

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