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October 14, 2023 ~ Life w/ Dancing

Life is so much better now that it includes dancing. I can't believe how much I enjoy it and for how long I really went without. Take it on all the way back to not going to dances (being too cool and busy getting into trouble) in high school.

I've been living in Richmond, VA since 1997... last night was the first time I went to the annual Richmond Folk Festival. I learned a new dance, the zedecko. I met great people. And there were hundreds of us dancing under a tent. SO MUCH FUN!

We followed that with a trip to the Short Pump Pour House to dance to a band called Hold My Beer, also fun.

And I made one more stop on the way home to a place close to home where I had a nice conversation with a man I met last year, when going out with T for that brief time. He was really cool. And all this time, one of those I thought knew about my illness. He didn't know anything about it.

The subject only came up because he asked how I'd been feeling and I assumed the question came from knowing about the breakdown. He just meant it as a nice question, a general one. Sincere. I need to quick assuming everyone knows about me. ❤️ Strange, though, how the illness can be difficult to detect.

I'm letting myself be lazy this morning because I realized I have a little too much going on right now. I need time to think. Registered for an event this Thursday at the last minute for work which includes setting up a booth for my company for the first time. Oops. It's going to be tricky throwing something together quickly with a Halloween theme.

And the baby shower is this coming week. I need to nail down the cake, balloons and a few other odds and ends. I took a big step to get ready for the company that will be coming from out of town for it by calling my son to pick up my broken couch. It means a quick, smart shopping trip for a replacement and somehow getting the new one here. The old goes today.

I feel really good. My post yesterday, therapeutic. Thinking about how different things are today than last year. It's been on my mind. My poor ex-husband. I'd say it would be a stretch to say I made breakfast for us like this maybe 20 times in the 16 years we were married.

My breakfast this morning:

Have an amazing day!

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