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October 19, 2023 ~ Pretty Great Day

So this morning was totally weird and different, waking up with the knowledge show time was right around the corner. Stilll had an incredible amount of work to do to prepare for the trade show this evening. But I managed.

The day didn't go without flaws but I would call it a success. I have a lead to call in in the morning, I recognized the regional manager of a property and was able to introduce him to my supervisor... ugh was so stressed about that, nearly 80 people took the time to register for our drawing and the whole room stopped in it's tracks to listen to the announcement of the winning ticket. Our give-away was a firepit, s'more fixins, wine and stem-less wine glasses with sugar skulls (our booth theme) on them, firewood and a nice basket.

I had tattoos on my face and a gown with lace skulls that was super cool, even though I realized early I kinda looked pregnant in it. I may need to try to start working out in a gym soon. The low carb dieting doesn't seem to be producing the results I need.

At the moment, I can't remember what, if anything, I blogged about issues at work last week. I can say that today was a gratifying day, I enjoy my supervisor, and maybe the stress I've been feeling over issues can dissolve again.

My supervisor, who came and attended the trade show with me today, is being super supportive and said yes when I told him I was thinking about asking to take my first personal day in seven months tomorrow, to prepare for this weekend. I have a lot to do. Bath dogs, mow the grass, wash the outside of the house and the windows inside and out. I'm so excited to have overnight guests in addition to the shower! Groceries!

I really can't believe how blessed I am right now. Saturday, in my home, I will have so many of the people I love the most. Dinner's at 5 and I totally expect it to have flaws, but to be perfect! Everyone loves me for who I am and I love them for all that they are. Dear Lord help tomorrow be a perfectly creative and productive day because I'm having some pretty great ideas (I think) for my visitors and for the shower.

I love entertaining!

Good night! I had an amazing day!

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