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October 20, 2023 ~ Party Time!

Time to get ready for the weekend! Meds/vitamins dogs coffee... check check check. My to do is all I'll post this morning :) Bevause it's a lot!

Mow grass

Bath Dogs

Take Dogs to Get Nails Clipped

Wash Sheets for Guest Bed

Clean Windows Inside. And Out



Wash front of house

Pick up groceries

Return unused Halloween items

Maybe shop for dress for tomorrow

Maybe have nails painted different color, they're Halloween now

Design and schedule posts for Sat and Sun (Today's done)

Move items to the shed

Pick up cups for tasting game for Mickie

Put names on party favors

Vacuum car

Write out what I'll say to the ladies at the beginning of the shower

I'm so grateful for my family and friends, and the blessing of being a grandma!

Whew! Have an amazing day!

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