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October 22, 2023 ~ Making Time

Ok, making time to catch this blog up. It's been a busy couple of days!!

My house was cleaned inside and out to get ready for company, a job requiring washing siding by hand, getting hit in the eye by a rock when mowing the grass, and replacement of a vacuum cleaner threatening to catch fire! Ha! But the job got done!

A new dress was purchased for today's shower, nails were freshly polished, a welcome speech prepared, q beautiful cake picked up, and a successful Italian dinner delivered on time to a house full of guests last night!

Last night's dinner guests, it was just a house FULL of people I love so much and it was so special to get some of them together. Amy and Savannah had a chance to meet Gabby and Rowie before the shower and of course, they all took to each other! They created a new game even, something to do with play dough and the word "magic!" It was lovely to spend time with Gabby's friends too, Mickie and Sean.

Grandma made it and she was amazing. She was healthy and fun-loving and all over Kalob as usual. That is always a beautiful sight. And Rowan, loves her Mee Maw.

We figured out Amy and Savannah hadn't seen Kalob since before the pandemic! Four years! Amy made a comment they need to come and stay for a full weekend with Sidney, who couldn't come, soon, and really get some time in.

Savannah is growing into a respectful, sweet young lady just like her mom. I just can't get over her. She'll be 14 next week.

It's about time to get in the shower and get ready for this big day.

Feeling very grateful and blessed to be a part of this life. This blog is about a woman with mental health challenges living single in 2023, and all of the challenges it can bring.

Today, I'm co-hosting a baby shower for my son's girlfriend, expecting a boy Dec 28th. The shower attendees include family and friends, AND a woman who played a negative role in my hospitalization in July 2023. Someone I've been warned against being friends with by many people I love and trust. It's going to be a little challenging to navigate this situation today but I'm confident it's going to go well.

I couldn't feel more loved and supported by so many of the other guests! Wish me luck!

I'm doing the best I can with the hand I've been dealt in this life and feel truly blessed. What matters... my son, Gabby, Rowan, my other family and great friends! I'm working full time making more in salary than I have in my lifetime. I have a small marketing business, two beautiful dogs and plans to buy another new-to-me house in the next couple of years. Life is going well.

Meds/vitamins... check! Dogs. Coffee. Blog. Check!

Have an amazing day!

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