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October 24, 2023 ~ A Great Start!

So... I still need to write more about the weekend but for now... getting ready for another workday. It's Tues, meaning 8:30 zoom sales meeting!

Meds/vitamins, dogs, bacon and eggs (some bacon for Riley too! Diesel was perched in the other room)... time for a quick shower.

I'm feeling good and a little excited. Having gotten through last week's work event, the baby shower, including awesome out of town guests, and completing catch up with ad designs last night, I'm ready to start my new gig as a booking agent for For Those About to Rock. I confirmed they still want me AND, back stage I'll be for a show of theirs this Sat. It's going to be fun!

I'm also going to start billing for the website designed for Grace Tub Repair and get back to work on my book. I'm determined to have it published by my 50th birthday, May 31, 2024!

A small book that may be gifted to individuals who have just experienced their first manic episode associated with bipolar disorder, or trauma... we don't have to accept a label to benefit from support in the world. One may not even be fitting. Did that make sense?

Have an amazing day!

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