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October 25, 2023 ~ Hump Day, the Shower, Courage!

Hump Day's here and feeling good!

So we had 22 ladies at the shower Sunday and it was amazing. I can't share too many photos because I don't have permissions. It was a gorgeous day. We had a few hiccups but all in all, I believe it went very well.

Grandma and I picked up balloons on the way. Some didn't make it into the restaurant!

Gabby's friends Mickie and Dylan ran the games. Dylan brought a second cake. I did a fairly short speech about being excited about our baby boy coming and gave Gabby a chance to say hello.

All were cordial. A few ladies from R's table didn't take my gifts but it's ok. Gabby snatched them up and is enjoying them. They are little crystal and silver baby carriages.

I gave R an extra baby carriage to take to her daughter that didn't come because she wasn't feeling well. The past wasn't M's fault and not coming because she didn't want to get Gabby sick is a good reason.

With the exception of shutting us down earlier than expected (the staff was wrong about the time of the shower. We were supposed to have until 3:30, they said 3:00, gave us until 3:15), the service and food didn't disappoint.

Gabby has been wonderful about getting personalized thank you's out to everyone.

Grandma upset us a little after the shower refusing to go to Kalob's for an extended visit but, it turns out she had a pretty good reason. Poor grandma. (Mee Maw). We had dinner and I learned she could use a little help. I'm going to have a difficult conversation with someone for her soon.

I'm finally recovering from the week. I tried to make returns after work yesterday but it looks like I missed the return date by one day at Spirit Halloween ($335!!) and the Dollar Tree doesn't do returns at all ($76!). Last week was an expensive one!! Exchanges only, I have some serious thought to put into shopping at Spirit Halloween today/tomorrow. Ugh!

On Monday I disconnected officially from R on Facebook. It was something planned for awhile. She was completely overly involved in my hospitalization last year and I've been warned by too many people who love me, she is not my friend. I really don't want this blog post to go into a negative vibe. The truth is, it's liberating, to have resolution. I may write more about it later.

Remember, this blog is about a woman with mental health challenges navigating life in 2023, single, with family and friends. Creating safe boundaries, like disconnecting from some individuals on social media, is part of being healthy. Facing difficult situations, like being in a room with women who've judged me for years like I was on Sunday, and cherishing all I have managed to retain/salvage, like my girlfriends (so many came to the shower!) it's all relevant. I hope readers see this big, somewhat complicated picture.

The overspending due to 2 events last week, not getting the return policies correct... that could be indicative of a little mania? Or... simply a woman making mistakes. However we want to look at it... it was expensive! I'll never be able to buy another house making mistakes like that!

Anyway, need to get ready for a workday! This is an absolutely gorgeous weather week. It's supposed to get into the 80's this weekend. We're supposed to go on the boat!

Have an amazing day!

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