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October 27, 2023 ~ TGIF!

I have 18 visits mapped out for this day and a beautiful, sunny day to go with. I have knots in my stomach because I need to call and tell someone about a couple of leads, that aren't really leads, from yesterday. Knots in my stomach from work is not good.

Yesterday I tallied up my work progress for the week and I was at 32 visits, so even though I had some issues keeping record of my stops I was making KPIs. I had a difficult time sitting down to do the data entry work in the evenings. That happens to me sometimes, not wanting to get on my computer after being out in the field. I updated all of my records, designed and scheduled an ad for today, and still had time to go out for a little while last night.

Met Don at Huddle Up, where there was some line dancing going on. He's interested in learning too. I really needed to socialize and not worry about dancing last night so that is what I did. I guess being on my own all day each day is a contributing factor to my need to go out in the evenings. I get lonely. Met a couple of different men last night but not really anyone of interest. One I may see again, a friend of Don's. Another I will not. He kept trying to kiss me good night even knowing I wasn't interested in that type of affection so quickly. Irritating!

I'm feeling a little lost this morning with small tasks accumulating before my eyes. Returns of things purchased for the shower need to be done, or maybe I'll just donate them to the goodwill. Tax info for 2022 needs to be gathered for my accountant. Laundry's going. Could make some breakfast. Need to follow up with T-Mobile because I still haven't received my watch replacement. Has it been a month? Need to figure out what to wear to tomorrow's concert. Backstage pass to an ACDC tribute band... fun! But do I have anything that works? Changing my plan to go in my country girl costume. Hmmmm... And I'd like my bedroom back. Time to move my free-standing clothes racks back to the spare bedroom since company came and went! Let's see if I can get'r done without dropping it all soon!

I almost forgot about a Celebration of Life for an old friend I'm supposed to attend tomorrow. She is missed!! It's going to be a sad event.

I'm really pleased to report that I've gotten Riley to go around the block with me and Diesel 3 out of the last 4 evenings. I decided to just try to be patient with him a little. Coax him a lot. And out-wait him. He gives up after a little while, fighting to get me to turn around, then runs a bit around the block because it's so scary out there! He always seems to feel fine and loving once we get back home so I think I'm forgiven. I'm so happy because he really needs this exercise. The running is really good for him.

I'm frustrated with using the Wix app for my blog right now because for some reason I wasn't able to pick up the photos Amy sent from the shower to put in yesterday's post. I know of a work-around, but I really want to know why I'm being limited. I thought I'd found the perfect platform.

Oh. I'm also a little disappointed. I shared this blog with T yesterday and hoped that he would check it out, but I don't think he did. He ignored my text. It's ok. Just disappointing.

I'm also a little disappointed in myself for not getting more writing done. I've been thinking a lot about the layout, and how to fix it, and so have been making progress on the book still. But I really need to buckle down soon if I'm going to make my deadline. Create a plan and stick to it! A little helpful handbook.

Bacon here I come. Have an amazing day!

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