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October 29, 2023 ~ A Whirlwind

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

A whirlwind of a day, yesterday!

Woke up to a friend on the sofa. Had a nice morning talking with him, then time to get ready for Ma's Celebration of Life.

The talk, very very nice. He had a lot of questions about my illness and he really got me thinking about an important subject that needs to be included in my book. Violence. Restraint. When it was and was not necessary in my history.

I was put in handcuffs and shackles when I had my first breakdown in college, but it wasn't because I was expected to be violent. It was more for my protection, I believe, because it was expected I would try to run. I was being taken to a hospital.

Other than that, no. My husband didn't need to deal with violence in 16 years of marriage. I never needed restraining. I was arrested at the courthouse once for Failure to Appear in Court but that is all. I told everyone in the courthouse I was present then went outside to smoke, missed the judge calling our case. Mania. Who knows how long I'd been sitting in the parking lot.


The Celebration of Life was really nice. I expected to see my ex there but he didn't go. I learned while I was there he's already seeing someone new? It was really nice to see so many old friends. Ma is deeply missed.

I shared with everyone that my best memories of Ma were visiting her and talking to her while going through custody issues with my son. She was a great friend, a wonderful listener. ❤️🥰

Home to change and off to the Beacon Theater to sit backstage with For Those About to Rock. They were fantastic.

Home to change again and off to meet Don and Tonya at a house party. The house was done up amazing and a DJ was rocking. Got some dancing in.

Ended the evening at Huddle Up (more dancing) and Andy's.

Today, time to pull out a bathing suit and get ready for a boat ride. Yes!

So, the best of a bad situation, managed to dress twice for Halloween this weekend and it was so much fun! (The credit at Spirit Halloween)

Have an amazing day!

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