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October 3, 2023 ~ 2500 Words!

Yesterday was a mediocre day, nothing great to report. Except I got a little more writing in. Now I have a total of 2500 words! I can't tell how many pages on google docs but was able to pull that up.

I worked a full day, tried to pick up the heater from Home Depot but it wasn't in yet, walked Diesel, wrote, napped in the backyard. Played free poker in Ashland and came in 2nd. Might have won but I threw my last hand because it was getting too late. Almost 10:45 and not even home. Ugh Slow this morning as a result.

There's no doubt that seeing JD has taken a toll on me. He messaged again yesterday saying "Good morning. I'm not dating anyone. Just hanging out." What he expected to accomplish with that I don't know. I can't unsee it. I didn't respond.

I was doing so well, feeling so good. Totally fine being single. Now, I'm reminded of how different things are and how much better they could have been. I was starting to love him. What if I never find love again?

I would tell you what I wrote in my book but I can't even really remember at this moment. It's just flowing. Advice from the heart. Maybe it'll help someone someday. It feels really good to be able to tell others that they can get well and stay well and really believe it. Because people can. I have. Many times. 1995, 2006, 2012, 2014, 2021, 2022. Not all challenges required hospitalizations, though those that didn't probably could have.

Doing something different this evening... meeting with potential clients who want me to manage their band. A Led Zeppelin tribute band. It should be interesting.

Meds/vitamins, dogs, coffee. Grateful for my kids but missing them a little. Wake up woman!

Have a great day!

I'm waiting for coffee to kick in. Of all things my coffee maker is acting up and not wanting to work. It took me forever to get it going this morning. Yummy now though, since it worked and I made a pumpkin flavor coffee picked up at Ross.

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