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October 5, 2023 ~ A Super Busy Night!

I'm happy to report a great day, followed by squeezing in nails, a nap, and a super busy night!

I researched what is involved with becoming a booking agent so I can work on proposals this weekend. I don't think it's biting off more than I can chew. It sounds challenging and fun, even. A new project to take on.

I lost at 9-ball but not too bad. I wasn't entirely comfortable in jeans too tight and that's my story! Ugh. I'll fix my jeans situation this weekend.

I dropped in on bike night at The Ranch in Mechanicsville and spent some time with my friends from Harley-Davison. It was Dave's birthday. (Another good one, married 😡) He says he's going to try to have his spare bike fixed soon and I can use it to practice riding. Yay! Brittany, Leigh, Alex, Tina, all were there. And the mechanical bull that left scars on my leg not long ago taunted me!

I dropped in on friends at Bryan Park and Grille but missed Chrjs. My friend Chrjs. Not the jerk who blew me off AGAIN!

And one last stop at Lakeside Tavern but didn't see anyone I knew. I was just not ready to go home. My nap was a good one I guess. No, I wasn't binging.

I wrote more in my book periodically throughout the night since I can access it on my phone now too. I really feel like I have a shot at getting it completed before my 50th in May. I added to it yesterday the beginning of a short bio and some snippets of points in time I just know I want in it, though I'm not sure exactly where they'll fit yet. A couple of pretty bad moments I feel worthy of inclusion. It's important to share some of the bad, not all, because my targeted readers are directly out of crisis. They will have just gone through the ringer! ❤️❤️❤️ My heart goes out to individuals new in their recovery journey.

Oh, I created a short video yesterday and pondered sharing it on social media but haven't yet. It is of me inviting connections to walk with me for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Virginia fundraiser this Saturday and why. I'm not sure I'm ready to share that with the world yet though, the fact I almost succeeded in a suicide attempt in 2006 due to my mental health challenges. Plus, my employer would catch wind of it. A few more clients and that may not matter though!

The video was just a little bold! Maybe I'll share it stil just in this blog.

It was nice to have an old friend remind me of the walk yesterday. I look forward to seeing her there!

Looks like a good start to today already. Meds/vitamins, check. Dogs. Coffee. Blog. Thought of a few things to include in my book while blogging so might have that done this morning. Have a coffee networking meeting at 8:15 so time is limited, but yay. I enjoy networking! Met the gentleman at a Greater Richmond Association for Commercial Real Estate (GRACRE) event a couple weeks ago.

It was nice to be able to respond in a major positive to the question how am I doing, last night. So well! But not too well. (Bipolar humor) I shared that I started my book even with a couple people. Committed now!

Have an amazing day!

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