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Ridiculous Stress

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

What is ridiculous is permitting unnecessary life stress, like a vaping habit. As a former 20-year smoker, 13-year non-smoker, 2-year smoker AND vaper, I'm down to just a vape. But is it really JUST a vape?

It may not be as gross as cigarettes, people cannot even smell it more often than not, but it is EXPENSIVE and irritating. I'm constantly juggling it in my lap when driving, having to remember necessary stops at the store to prevent running out of pods, and being mindful of where it is when in my living quarters. Always within reach!

If we don't want to look at it as ridiculous stress, how about wasted energy?

I miss the freedom of not having such concerns. Hopefully I'll get there again soon.

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