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September 10, 2023 ~ Truly Blessed

Good afternoon! I broke my promise to myself to write more yesterday! Good thing

I forgive myself! lol

Where to start... wow it's been a great couple of days.

The kids are doing great in spite of losing power for a day. It's back on and they were back in business yesterday.

Rowan and I ended up having a blast this visit. I was a little concerned it was going to go down in the books as uneventful because she zoned out on me into her tablet shows Fri night but we pulled it together yesterday with a gift from my girlfriend, Tonya. The fire hydrant was a hit! (photos/videos). So, in the almost 24 hours we spent together we had pizza, the pool twice, the fire hydrant, a nice warm bubble bath, the tablet Fri (not permitted at all Sat), watermelon, lots of apple sauce, popcorn, unicorn pancakes from SB's Lakeside Love Shack (Diesel went too!), a quick visit with Jay next door, more painting of a castle and two princesses, stacking of blocks, cooking on her play kitchenette, more singing of Country Roads with her guitar, a nice long sleep. Oh, she's loving the song Pretty Little Poison and we listened to it while playing Chutes & Ladders and waiting for our pancakes. She caught on to the game well! I don't think she's played it before. I love being a grandma and for the first time felt like maybe I'll be able to handle two babies on my own. It will be a new experience but Rowan is such a good girl and easy to entertain. We'll see!

I felt a little adventurous after Gabby picked Rowan up so decided to do something I often think about doing but don't because of the distance. Once before I did it with a girlfriend and it's a lot! I drove to Toot's Bar in MD to see my cousin Rob's band play. They were incredible, as expected, but didn't go on until 9pm so I found myself in kinda a spot, tired when they were done. It's almost 2 hours away. I probably took a risk I shouldn't have but found a place I felt was safe to stop and took a nap on the way home. I should have gotten a hotel room. Anyway, I'm home safe now and that is what matters. Next time I'll get a room. It was too much fun not to do again.

The ad for the bar's bands didn't list the times they started and Rob's band, the Dynamos, were listed in the middle - so I assumed they'd play midday. Ugh! It meant more fun... but I didn't think about getting a room. I did a lot of dancing and met a ton of people. No regrets. But I recognize that engaging in risky behavior can be a red flag for my mental health challenges so I need to be conscious of it.

This morning I'm feeling just truly blessed. I'm sitting here on the sofa with my dogs having a productive day. I've made eggs and sausage for breakfast. Taken meds and vitamins. Cleaned up after Rowie. Loved on my puppies. Thanked Jay via text for letting them out for me last night. He said he gave them treats too. So sweet of him! I let Gabby know I'm home safe. Designed and posted a new ad for the Dugout. Updated my contacts records from Friday's workday for my employer. Taken in my coffee. Worked on some laundry. I messaged Chris and asked him when he's going to take me out. He dropped by one evening last week and keeps promising seafood. :) I enjoyed watching some of the videos I took of Rob's band last night.

I'm getting ready to take Diesel and Riley to the park soon. Later I'll unpack the microwave I bought the other day. I've been so busy I have had tasks piling up! I'm so excited to finally have a microwave that will be fully functional. For over 3 years I've been using one that has only had a few digits that actually work. Maybe soon I'll get rid of this broken sofa too!

I do have some more work I can do to get ready for my week.

I also have a puzzle taking up the dining room table, that has been completed for a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll get it glued together today. And a couple plants that need repotted. Maybe I'll take the dogs to Home Depot with me before the park and pick up potting soil. They're always fun company. They're beautiful. They get a lot of attention.

There are ballroom dancing lessons Sunday evenings not far from here. And... I've been thinking maybe it's time to join a gym. Hmmm...

It's a beautiful warm fall day outside. Have an amazing one!

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