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September 11, 2023 ~ A Lovely Night

Just a quick message because I need to plan my workday still.

Yesterday was a lovely day, followed by a lovely night. I took the dogs to Home Depot for a walk and to look for puzzle glue (no luck), the park and let them get wet, then a long car ride because we weren't ready to go home. We stopped at the Dugout for low-carb wings and the photo opp, because I need more photos of their food. Had a good talk with Judy and Barry.

Had a nice evening visiting with a friend as well. I like company.

This morning all systems are a go. Meds/vitamins.. sausage. Showered washed and did hair, ready to walk out the door (once schedule made). Post complete. Some laundry, bed made... checked credit card balance and it's perfect... now just wait to pay it off next week. Still feeling really good but not too good! Bipolar humor.

A little note didn't hear from Chris. I also shared this blog with him and he might not like the idea of being written about. Speak or forever hold your peace. Because I don't have to use your name boy. We'd think of a different one I could use to reference you. :)

Have an amazing day!

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