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September 14, 2023 ~ Though I've Been Working

Though I've been working for hours already, I'm scrambling to get this post out. I try to have them done by 9am.

Last night was a lot of fun. I started a new season with American Poolplayers Association, with a team I've never been on before. We played at Diamond Billiards and since I used to direct pool tournaments, and know so many players, it was great to see many of them! Playing well helped too. I crushed in 8-ball... 3 to 0. 9-Ball I only lost my match because I scratched on my last ball... which was an extremely difficult ball to make in the first place... so I'm happy. And I think things are going to work well with my new team. Had some good coaching.

Good sleep. Meds and vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. Ad designed and scheduled. (It's s"wing" it Thursday!) A couple emails for my regular employer have even gone out already. Created a new report in Access for my binder... for reference to management companies when on the road. I'm getting so organized with work I can hardly stand it. And... I'm almost ready to hit the road.

I have a date this evening I've been really looking forward to. I'm going to a live show at the National with a young man I've been out with before. Super nice.

I wish I had time to write more! Have an amazing day!

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