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September 16, 2023 ~ A Beautiful Morning

So it's a beautiful fall morning and we're waking up peacefully. Meds/vitamins check, dogs check... some coffee AND water. Shot a picture of Diesel good morning to a couple people. He's extra snuggly.

Yesterday was a really good, productive day and it was much needed. Thursday was actually pretty stressful because of my date (which turned out to be a non-date I think. I misunderstood. :)) Thurs had to squeeze in med pick up stress because of a confusion - my doctor called it in to the wrong pharmacy. Yard work because I was being picked up and my front yard was a mess.. Nail salon because a nail came off and a full work day. I managed... but it was stressful! So yesterday was a better day.

I've been getting better at my job and learning to target different markets. I'm getting along well with my supervisor and learning. I'm happy about it.

And I had company last night, an old friend. We had good conversation by my firepit. I've missed having company. :) It's nice that we've picked up our friendship again. He's been well. Neglected, but well.

This morning I'll get ready for what might be our last trip out on the boat for the year. The weather is breaking for the fall. I'm going to do something for my friends for including me in their summer boating activities this year. I appreciate them so much!

Not quite sure what will be going on this evening. Chris said he may pick me up at the lake for a motorcycle ride. THAT would be amazing, but he hasn't been the most reliable. If he shows, I may have a date. Long overdue. He's been promising to spend time with me for over a year. Lol. But reminds me that I wasn't always available too. (On off relationship with JD).

About my blogging earlier this week about alcohol. I've been hit with overwhelming guilt about it. Thursday, my stressful day... I was reminded how risky it is. I just get in my head that I'm going to have another episode someday no matter what, but it's not necessarily true. Do I not owe it to those who love me to try to take as good care of myself as possible to prevent it? Why take the risk?? It's weighing heavily. I just don't know.

What I do know is that I would feel a fool if I had a major episode and learned alcohol had a lot to do with it. And terrible if someone were hurt by my actions.

I feel really good, mentally. Maybe a little energetic. There's the vitamin B factor. It was a concern that it might cause me to feel manic. But my doctor didn't say so. It just makes sense.

I have a couple hours until I leave for the lake. Let's see how much I can get done!

Have an amazing day!

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