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September 17, 2023 ~ Busch Gardens Bound!

Good morning! We're expecting a little rain today but not enough to deviate from Busch Gardens plans!! And for now, it's beautiful outside.

Yesterday was a super fun day at the lake followed by great conversation, in a pool and hot tub with my friends.

Today is a super special day for me because I'm spending it with a good friend, Chris. A different Chris than previously mentioned, and it's his birthday. It's special because I wasn't invited to Busch Gardens last year after having my episode. It seems I'm forgiven after being pretty rude to him and I'm accepted for who I am. All he cares about is living drama-free and I agree! And he trusts that I am now.

It's a wonderful feeling, knowing I'm accepted for who I am. It's a shame this man isn't available. We can only be friends. 🙂

I can't write much right now because I need to get in the shower. I will say this has been a really nice morning so far, waking up slowly, preparing meds for the week, taking my meds/vitamins, cleaning up the disaster I left in my kitchen. So glad I didn't waste the meat that was about to go bad.

I'm feeling a little mama guilt for not getting Diesel and Riley to a park this weekend. Maybe I'll take them after work tomorrow. If I work. Chris had an idea for a beach trip and it might happen. I haven't taken a day off in 6 months so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be frowned upon to do so. Everyone else has been vacationing.

Have an amazing day!

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