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September 18, 2023 ~ Monday

Had a great time at Busch Gardens yesterday. Rode all of the coasters, a few more than once because it wasn't very busy.

Was a little sad to discover that the reason I wasn't invited last year may have had more to do with how I behaved in public, with a certain man, than our actual argument. But it is what it is. What was done was done. I just need to be more mindful and try to use better judgement. I'm going to try not to overthink this today.

I didn't mention in my post yesterday having had a wonderful little conversation on the phone with Rowan before heading to the park. I called, spoke to Kalob, asked to say good morning to Rowan... and she got chatty! Didn't want to let me go and asked me to come over. What a special little girl. What I nice feeling it is to know I'm on her mind and our relationship is so good.

This morning, woke up feeling like I may be coming down with a cold. I'm going to be careful on the road not to spread anything and pick up Covid tests, to be safe. It would be too soon to test, but would make sense since 2 of my friends are nurses after all, and 1 works at a senior living facility where they are having an outbreak. Here we all go again.

I think I'm going to just get numbers from shopping center windows and call on the management companies today to be safe. Stay in my car. I'm supposed to do 3 events this week though so I really don't know. Ugh.

Jumping in the shower. Meds/vitamins check. Dogs check. Mem exercise check. News. Ad scheduled for today yesterday. Blog! Can't believe I've been able to keep it up.

This week was supposed to be Tues: GRACRE breakfast networking. Weds: Lunch and Learn for clients Thurs: Backyard BBQ VAMA networking... and the vet Friday. Busy week! (Pool Weds night too)

Have an amazing day!

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