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September 22, 2023 ~ Blessed!

Made it through a pretty productive day yesterday. Had a great meeting with a new client at 10am. Managed 8 visits for employer before a 4:30pm networking event. Picked my son's dog up and brought him home before the event. The dogs got along well while I was gone.

My date didn't show in the evening and it's ok. I took a ride to a bar for an hour and waited for him there, then came home and went to bed early. I remembered, he's a member of a club and I probably wouldn't be too into being a girlfriend of a club member anyway. He knows this too. That's something I hadn't thought of in a while.

This morning I meet my supervisor for a few visits and this afternoon take Diesel and Riley to a long overdue vet visit. Literally, because of finances, we're a year late. We'll find out once and for all of Diesel had a stroke. 😞 Can't see any difference in his behavior but his head is oddly shaped now. This evening... Friday... not sure but will probably dance somewhere.

I'm really excited to think I may have narrowed down what I'll write a book about. It's something I know we'll and should be fairly easy... and may actually help people.

Next... plan out chapter headings. I've been writing them down. What I would say to individuals new to recovery. What happened to me, what I learned, why positivity is important, how the discovery of mental illness is not a death sentence. Focus on today. Careful not to dwell on the "whys" if possible. All topics that come naturally to me.

Select supporters carefully. Create clear boundaries for those who aren't as helpful as they may think they are. Practice gratitude for the little things!

I feel like this life is pretty amazing and I know I'm blessed. I know that it's taken a lot of support from others for me to be where I am. I know that if I share my story I can help inspire others to do the same. Create a life worth living.

Have a great day! I'm going to turn on my new positivitiy app and listen to it for awhile as I get ready for my day. Is it called PepTalk?

Meds/vitamins check! Dogs (3!) check! Thoughts about how grateful I am for my family and friends.. check!

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