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September 23, 2023 ~ Bad News

😢 Receiced some really bad news from our vet yesterday. We're waiting on bloodworm results now, but she's really worried about Diesel's condition. She found a lump under his chin. It seems the change in his head shape is Horner's Syndrome, but it's also different. Like he has it, and we may get bad news about the cause, but he has something more going on too. We'll know more Monday.

In the meantime, he's not behaving any different. We're doing lots of snuggling this rainy morning. I'm going to try not to think about the problem.

Im having trouble getting going this morning bi played in a pool tournament last night which was fun, but then missed my friends who'd gone dancing. I drove a distance to try to meet them. Anyway, one more stop on the way home because I wasn't ready.

Being a rainy day with no place to be, I hope I get some energy to get some things done. I still need to update my CRM for the contacts made this week. Maybe prep emails for Mon morning. Need to design ad for Dugout. Maybe start website for new client. I wish I had a normal desk to use. I also have contacts to enter into system from cards/questionnaires from the office, my book idea to work on, and a poem to write. M

I could use a stroke of creativity this weekend for sure!

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