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September 24, 2023 ~ Inspired

Gooood mooorning! You know it's a good one when you wake up inspired. I did!

Watching a Sunday morning lineup on channel 12, A Life Well Lived, and a show that lists Highs and Lows for the week. Great programming. I didn't know Ryan Seacrest is doing something so cool to help children. Seacrest studios in hospitals to give them the experience of doing what he does? Inspiring to see! And he's 50 years old going strong. Made me start thinking again about my book idea this week and I think I still like the idea. Which is progress!! Staying on the same thought track, not changing it.

I think, I'll name it Recovering Today, with MiMi... building on the history I created when publishing newsletters titled Recovering Today. Was that 2012? I'll be able to share parts of the newsletter in the book. My heart is warming to this whole project, targeting individuals just coming back in their minds from crisis. Life will be ok. And here are some things that may help as you process. ❤️❤️

~ yesterday

A rainy day, I made it a productive one at home BETWEEN 2 pool tournaments! I didn't play the best but boy I had a great time getting out and around people I've known for years. The first tourney was at noon at Chester Junction in Chester, and there were men there who used to play in the tourneys I directed. They think I should start having them again. I spent time talking to Bobby, a good old friend. And more. The Hairfields were there which is always fun. They've been really helpful in teaching me the game over the years.

Came home for a couple hours and did laundry, cleaned out purses, loved on puppies. Then out to Your Place in Midlothian. I spent hours playing 9-ball. Had a 6 game run at one point which was so much fun!

Put a lot of time into talking to a man I've known and though something might come out of it, to learn that he frequents strip clubs. Oy.

Ran into my friend from Busch Gardens there too and yes I did tease him! Very little gossip but reminded him the he's not innocent, and told him I'm no longer embarrassed by my behavior. 🥰 It was a really good talk. I think we really are going to be friends and it's nice. He said he'd come watch a movie with me sometime.

Came home right after getting knocked out of the tourney, which was right before the $$. Ugh! But I'm proud of me for how I played, and for going straight home after. Not clubbing and getting into anything else. Home by midnight.

Almost forgot - had a really great conversation with my mom yesterday morning. Of all things.. it came up that if/when both Diesel and Riley pass, she'll help me financially to get a certain breed of small dog she thinks I'll like. What a beautiful way to show love. We talked about many things...

Most notably, I shared with her how proud I am of Gabby and Kalob's decisions, action taken last week. Gabby stood up for herself and her family to a bully. I don't really know how to write about this in my blog right now because I have a feeling it'll be read in the future by all parties involved and I really don't want to hurt anyone, but I will say there's a woman who's been a bully in Kalob's life since the day she showed up and it seems she may have met her match! Mom and I are beyond proud and I feel incredibly validated.

I'll be writing in some way, in my book or in my blog, about hardships trying to share custody of my son over the years with individuals who were constantly interfering in my home life... directly contradicting my parenting preferences... constantly challenging my every move... and just causing so much unnecessary (and necessary) stress and strife. It's an amazing feeling realizing that chapter of my life is truly over.

~ back to this morning

Good sleep. Woke up ready to write!!

Meds/vitamins, news, dogs (last day with Azul 😞 could keep the sweetie!). Oh... need to write the poem to go with invitations. Time to wrap this up, turn the TV off and get to work!

Have an amazing day!

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