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September 25, 2023 ~ Ready for the Week

So I didn't get writing done yesterday but my house is completely clean, laundry's done, and the yard's picked up. Crazy amount of sticks both up front and in the back after last week's weather. And I actually have a plan for the workday today, done last night.

I had company which was really nice. It's good to be friends with G. I don't know how we got where we are after having such a bad time/breakup last year but we are all good. Friends.

This morning we say goodbye to Azul, our houseguest, since the kids got home from CT safe last night and Kalob plans to pick him up this morning. Makes me a little sad! He was a perfect guest. An unexpected joy. (I was nervous about how the dogs would get along)

I travel to Hopewell for work today, and Petersburg. Not looking forward to the neighborhoods. I don't like being judgmental but it feels unsafe there more often than not. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Just heard on the news that there were threats made on social media to the Petersburg High School and there will be ramped up protection at the school today. Ugh

I need to pick up new envelopes for the baby shower invitations since I printed the wrong size photos. And a calligraphy pen, maybe. Still need to write a poem or scratch the idea. My words didn't come yesterday. It's fine either way.

Oh had a really great talk with my sister yesterday too. Love you!

Meds/vitamins check. Blog check. Dogs. Coffee. Think I'll listen to the PepTalk app for a bit.

Have an amazing day!

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