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September 27, 2023 ~ Good Morning!

Yesterday couldn't have gone much better with work. I ended up having a meeting with a targeted regional maintenance manager and a good talk with him. He expressed challenges with working with our company. I scheduled a lunch with another Thursday in Fredericksburg, a big fish! And, had a lead to call in.

Had all of my data entered end of day too, which is a new habit, perhaps, better than waiting until the next morning to do. Feels good to be able to just get it done and not have to worry about it. I do still need to make my plan for today but have a few plans already.

I managed to get the invitations put together, including writing out addresses with a calligraphy pen, when I was done working. :) I should be able to get them in the mail today.

And I called Dorothy, an old, beautiful friend. She also has mental health challenges like me. She's in her 70's and been a devoted friend forever. How long? I've known her since Friends 4 Recovery Whole Health Center founding days. Before even. 2007? She's doing well and we have plans for a visit soon.

I danced last night for a little while and had BBQ at the Ranch for dinner. It's nice to be able to afford to eat out when I want and it's time to get some groceries in the house. I didn't stay long. Tammy, Tiffany and Chris were in from out of town packing Tiffany up for her move to Myrtle Beach.

I resisted the urge to stop someplace else on the way home, with options, and opted for getting good sleep.

I resisted the urge to post a sad little thing last night about not getting good night texts from a lover right now. I believe I was going to say something like it is a sign of strength and not settling, anyway. Nights do get lonely but I'm alone by choice.

I forgot to mention in a post that I heard from our vet about Diesel on Monday. His tests came back inconclusive. We ruled out biochemical causes for his Horner's Syndrome and the lump found on his throat. The next step would be to take him to a neurologist but I decided as long as he continues to act healthy, we'll wait. He's still happy, healthy and snuggly. ❤️

I also forgot to mention a nice communication with Amy... through texts told her the details behind being "Validated and Liberated." She's one of the few people who, like my family, remembers so well how hard it was raising Kalob and everything that happened between me and his stepmom over the years. Amy cried when I told her the news. In part because of the liberation, part because of pride for Kalob and Gabby.

I'm starting to think my purpose in this life is to write about those days. Sharing stories saves lives after all.

Riley's cracking me up this morning. He barks at me when I sneeze and I had a little fit. I'm feeling good. It just happens sometimes.

Oh! I also forgot to mention from Monday... squeezed in an appt with an accountant finally. I'm behind in reporting taxes since 2016! I came across a couple hiccups in reporting on my own and haven't been able to afford help til now. Every time I started to be able to breath a little financially, I would lose my job. Anyway, it's affordable and going to get some. I learned I don't need to worry about the sale of my house because I didn't make enough profit off of it. Whew! That I don't need to worry about the nonprofit because I didn't have to pay taxes on it anyway, and I may not owe as much as I think in penalties.

I liked Doreen, the accountant, too. She came referred by John Hensley. They were involved in BNI networking before, which I respect. I also really liked the creativity she put into decorating her office. And she owns the building where she works. (Made it a professional stop and asked about her roof too! ~ that's what I do, business development for a roofing company).

Anyway, getting caught up is important because I have a 2 year plan to try to buy another house. Yes! 2 years from the date I get them done, anyway. And Ms. Doreen gave me homework!

Guess I'll get ready for and plan my day. Up at 5:30! Meds/vitamins. Dogs. News. Blog. Check check check!

Need to remember to run by my physician's office and drop off my DMV report for completion. Deadline's 9/30, NOT 10/30, like I thought! Close call.

Have an amazing day!

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