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September 29, 2023 ~ Disclosure

Oh boy I did it. I disclosed my illness to my supervisor yesterday. We had a awesome day, starting with a presentation, then lunch with a couple important directors, followed by 3 stops to props in Fredericksburg with a lead for replacing all of the roofs on a property. I was feeling good and telling him how good everything in life has been going, including my being ok with being single right now, and out it came.

I told him about my win with my son's father and step-mother. And how proud I am of my kids for it.

The conversation went incredibly well and ended with my being told just to let him know if I ever need a mental health day. R was amazing and I'm really glad I shared with him.

He did tell me he suspected based on my behavior with potential clients, said I was a little blunt with a couple. But that it was ok and that I'm learning. I believe him.

What I didn't do was remind him that though I was blunt, my behavior worked. We scored a job in one instance and a Lunch and Learn in another. The Lunch and Learn encounter included my calling out a manager for making a commitment to me and not following through with it. I can't remember the exact words, but R worried it might be a turnoff. I understand where he's coming from and it may be true that I was a little lucky I was received ok. It's definitely true that my behavior got the manager to act because I received an email from him scheduling the L&L the next business day. :)

Did that paragraph make sense?

Anyway, I may even tell R where he can find my blog soon. He didn't ask, though I told him I'm doing it. It's a way for him to really keep up with me if he chooses. We've been working really close together for 6 months and I think I can trust him.

Yesterday evening I relaxed and worked at home. Went to bed early again and early I rise again. Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee.

I'm doing something a little different and risky this morning, having breakfast with someone who reached out to me on Facebook about a job being in a music video. I'm interested in making a little extra $. I'll let my son know who I'm meeting. Something I do when I go on dates too, try to keep him informed of who I'm spending time with when I don't know someone well. Better safe than sorry.

It's Friday! Yay! I have to make a decision this weekend whether or not I'm going to continue marketing services for a client. I need to start working on the website of a new one. And I may actually start my book. I know someone who self-publishes who offered more than once to help me with it. Maybe this weekend it's time fo reach out to her again.

And, the State Fair is wrapping up this weekend. Maybe I'll see if the kids want to go. I need to be mindful of expenses. I'll see how they are with their own and we'll decide together.

Have an amazing day!!

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