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September 30, 2023 ~ Ugh

Ugh. Can't get motivated to write this morning. It happens when I feel a bit guilty. I had a little too much last night.

It was a good workday after an interesting breakfast. Watched tv for awhile and felt I needed to get out of the house. Went to Lakeside Tavern and ran into a married man I met a couple years ago. We always got along well and last night was no exception. Why do the good ones have to be unavailable?

Meds/vitamins this morning. Took Diesel with me to McDonalds because I couldn't get motivated to cook AND I only have eggs. Nothing to go with. Maybe a little more rest and I'll get myself some groceries.

I have a list of things I feel I need to do this weekend. Woman!!

Missing hot weather a bit. I thought I was ready for the fall but lake days were fun.

The kids are busy this weekend so the fair is out. Kalob was going to try to pick up some things for the dump for me yesterday but in my driveway it all sits. I may be able to fit it in my car. Oy.

I'm going to close my eyes a bit more.

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