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September 6, 2023 ~ Letting It Speak for Itself

I'm'a just gonna list everything I've already accomplished on this beautiful morning and let the list speak for itself!


Memory Exercise - 40 Quotes

Eggs/Bacon (homemade)

Baked chicken to go with salad for lunch on the road today

Walked Diesel around the block

Picked up clusters of sticks from the front yard

Coffee, and water

2 loads of laundry, some folded

Showered, including washing hair (worked out line dancing last night! needed washed)

Styled hair and little makeup

Caught up with the news

Watered indoor plants (watered outdoor last night)

Made bed

Had conversation with colleague re financial planning

Looked up and marked in calendar 1st credit card due date *** will be careful with this!


Time to hit the road soon.

Have an amazing day!

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