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September 7, 2023 ~ Peer Support Connections!

Having another great, productive morning. First. Last night.

Last night was an interesting one. I ran into an acquaintance from the recovery field. An acquaintance? I don't think we ever really met before last night, but I recognized him from years past. Roger tried working as a peer specialist and found it just as challenging as me.

It was an open mic night at one of the local bars here in Lakeside, Virginia. He was singing and playing a keyboard. Imagine that. A beautiful man with mental health challenges like my own, just out there in the community living his best life too! We talked for a good amount of time.

Roger doesn't work as a peer specialist anymore for many of the same reasons as I, including it's just damn hard work! And working with individuals with mental health challenges takes a hard toll! And it's just as difficult serving peers as co-working with them. It's drama-packed and exhausting. It take THE MOST UNIQUE personality types to succeed. It's a beautiful field, a necessary service, and highly rewarding as well, but what results would a study bring today of it's successes and needs analysis? It's the kind of time investment I don't have right now. Maybe someday.

I don't know if what I just said made any sense at all, but for those of you reading this who don't know, a peer support specialist is an individual with mental health or substance addiction challenges formally trained to use their experiences to help others with the same. In other words, if you're into using labels, someone with a bipolar diagnosis may attend a training and learn how to use their experiences to support others with the same. It's a very unique gift. An amazing one. A truly honest one.

So it's something I used to do, provide peer support services as a trainer in the industry and as a facilitator of workshops. I always love and appreciate opportunities to speak with others who have been in the field. It was a big part of my life.

I wish I had more time to write this morning but I need to get ready to hit the road. Last night was just wonderful. Roger was amazing! And a very talented musician.

This morning, so far, I posted my ad, drank coffee, just reminded myself to take my meds/vitamins (journaling at its finest), I actually SHOPPED FOR & SIGNED UP FOR HEALTH INSURANCE! Something that has been overdue and accomplished with the support of my credit card and new budget analysis. My employer just started offering reimbursement this month too. Another plus! Life is coming together.

I re-opened a HubSpot account and started recording communications with new prospects, since this past week it seems to be raining opportunities. I'll have to write more about that later. Mountain MaMa's Marketing may be growing a little. A benefit of not needing to take naps in the afternoons anymore!

And... I refreshed my Recovery Resources & Support website! Might open it back up for business in a small, manageable way soon. I think it could be a great gift to peers to offer to help them start blogging too. A workshop may be in order.

I've forgotten all of this blogging time... the past 2.5 months... to mention saying good morning to my Facebook friends every morning. Check!!

I've also organized my notes a bit in prep for this work day but I have more to do. I just have to get going so...

Have an amazing day!

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