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September 9, 2023 ~ Almost Ready!

Had a great day yesterday, even came home to company. Gabby and Rowan were here because a storm caused them to lose power Thurs night and it still wasn't on. It was too hot to spend the day at home so they came here to enjoy the AC. Brought Azuul their 140 lb pup too! So nice to come home to everyone.

We enjoyed pizza which I haven't had in weeks because of my low carb dieting. It was a nice treat! Even though I still didn't eat much crust. Just take the top off and voila!

I have to write quickly because Rowie stayed over last night and awaits a walk to SB's Love Shack... where they serve the best unicorn pancakes! We enjoy mornings there because we like the food AND Diesel gets to go too!

I'll definitely write more later. So far, this morning... Meds and vitamins, shower and hair done, kitchen cleaned up including dishes and mopping of the floor. House broomed bed made. Ad posted. Songs were sung. Blocks were stacked... Princesses were painted... we're on a roll. Blog check!

Have an amazing day!

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