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Testing WIX and Hello!

So! I'm testing this blog platform. How long did it take me to share Headway App tips with you this morning, including multiple photos, via Wix? It's not taking long!

Headway is an app I discovered a couple weeks ago. I accidentally paid too much for it, but it's worth something. Every morning since, I listen to summations of popular books. My goal is to learn... and maybe someday I'll actually read some of the complete books. For now, I'm on a budget!

A great thing about the app is the ability to test my memory of some of the highlights of the books each day...

I'm also going to test the scheduling function of Wix. Let's see how it goes! Nope. Want to publish sooner than 30 min. I'm starting my day job at 9am! Have a great day!

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