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To Date, or Not to Date, Someone with Bipolar Disorder

That is the question.

Getting involved in a relationship with someone who has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder must be intensely personal, challenging, and serious, if the man or woman has any common sense or sense of decency at all. Who can criticize or judge someone trying to make such a decision?

How many ways can someone with mental or emotional health issues hurt or be hurt by someone?

There were times when dating was advised against by physicians in the past. Working, parenting, trying to live alone... It hasn't been but a few decades since the diagnosis landed individuals in hospitals for life.

Let's try to remember this. Dating is different.

This photo is of a gift I purchased for the a man I am dating and myself. I thought, I could spend some time working it, and do something I enjoy, and I chose the picture because I thought he might like to put it on his wall when I'm done. I don't think he thinks it works with his theme. It's ok. I'll still enjoy doing it and it won't take a lot of time. And I'll just dispose of it when it's complete.

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