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When it’s Difficult to Live in the Present

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Funny... several years ago I crossed the river, the James River, to start a fresh life. Everywhere I turned memories flooded my mind with past problems. I couldn't escape them in Chesterfield County, Virginia!

But they're here too. This house in the picture, north of the James (Richmond, Virginia) was my home for a year too. I was just driving around making calls for work and realized it was a block away.

My son was a year old. His father didn't want to get married, have more children, go to church. He moved us into this rental where we stayed together, until the night he decided to stay out partying all night at the river.

I met him at the river in the morning with our baby on one hip and a bag of his things to throw at him. I wasn't going to be treated that way.

Two weeks later I had an apartment in Chesterfield, a new daycare center lined up, and a fresh start.

Looks like I'll need to leave Richmond entirely to escape bad memories or find a better way to think about them!

Perhaps I can remember things like the day the three of us, my son, his father, and I stood and danced in the rain in front of that house on National Street, instead of other things that transpired there. Select the GOOD memories when I'm having difficulty living in the present.

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