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When It's Not Safe to Drive

There are times when I have to fight to keep my driving privileges…

Every October I need to submit a medical report to the DMV through my doctor’s office, which is my doctor testifying that I have been compliant with my treatment.

On one hand, I love this. It’s a community safety net meant to look out for other drivers and pedestrians near the road. An illness such as mine can be unpredictable and, without contact with others, difficult to keep up with. And it’s undeniable that medication for any health condition may impair one’s ability to drive.

On the other hand, how humiliating it can feel to be forced to do this. Under threat of loss of license.

Personally, I simply want the necessary process to run smoothly. I need my drivers license in order to work, shop, and visit family and friends. And I don’t want to hurt anyone.

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