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Whew! Busy Work Day

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Whew! Busy work day today, starting with the networking breakfast, then a meeting at a multi-family property, followed by live sales training on zoom, prep for tomorrow's travel, and a few more stops. It was a day!

Jay next door messaged to come over for some grilled chicken which was yummy. And he's always good for conversation. I tell him I love him and he tells me he's awful fond of me! :)

Now, I've finished up walking Diesel and Riley in the park. It is a beautiful evening. I'm tired. I pulled over to type this up, which gives the boys a little more time away from the house. I always feel so bad they get stuck there.

I'm looking to turn in early tonight because I travel to Sandbridge tomorrow for a lunch and learn. Why I'm needed there I don't know. I think the guys could manage without me.

Anyway... all in all a good day. A little lonely, but a good day.

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