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5/11 ~ Memories

I remember early days in our new home. It was early COVID and I was bouncing off the walls trying to get by alone. With few places to go and no visitors. I dug in and started training Diesel and Riley to do tricks. Diesel was so entertaining trying to bark on command. He never did REALLY master it. It would take a sec to get one out. So cute.

He also was the only one of the dogs that learned how to crawl across the floor for a treat. So cute when he was first learning. And roll over.

He could sit, s

Diesel is the only dog I’ve ever had that really wanted your lap, as if he weighed only 5 lbs. (55!) So my lap would be full Indian style! Particularly fun was when he’d want my lap AND to snuggle, so he’d sit and rub his forehead up into my chin over and over And over. ❤️

He’s never been crazy about water but he’d wade in it.

Diesel enjoyed laying in the sun.

Tending to his brother after baths.

He was always abnoxious on walks, insisting on smelling EVERYTHING with his beagle nose. A neighbor said once that it was funny watching Diesel dig his heels in to the ground to pull me in one direction or another. Grandpa told me he preferred walking Riley even though he’s 40 lbs heavier. That beagle nose!

I remember hours and hours of just driving around with Diesel during Covid too. To get him out of the house when it was too dark or the weather didn’t cooperate for a walk. I liked to drive him because he loved rides so much anyway. He would hang out the window AS FAR as he safely could. That beagle nose!

Diesel has also been the most empathetic dog I’ve owned. That I’ve noticed. I can remember countless times he’s come and snuggled me when crying. I’ve wondered if Riley will take his place and do that when he’s gone. Riley I think has been a protector and known that Diesel had me covered.

Diesel’s also been a killer, playing with toads like orcas do with seals. He’s caught everything. Even a skunk once, we thought, in our old house. For a dog with such a sweet face!

I’ll never forget chasing him around the backyard when we first moved here, as Diesel was trying to catch a rabbit. I succeeded in stopping him, but not without muddying my knees. In my nightgown! The rabbits left our yard after that.

A sign that Diesel hasn’t been well was the return of the rabbits a few weeks ago, in fact. Diesel hasn’t been going too far out into the yard to do his business for awhile now.

A big thing I will remember is how he would watch for my return from a front seat of my jeep when running errands. How he would be so intently peering over the dashboard. So concerned. And so relieved when he would catch sight of me.

Being the only one of my two dogs that enjoys car rides, we also have a lot of memories of visiting KJ and Rowan on Saturdays after KJ was born. Diesel would help himself to some of Azool’s dogfood then plant himself on the sofa beside me.

Gabby teases about how spoiled Diesel was, following me around everywhere. 🥰

One thing I will regret is allowing Riley’s poor temper and life to keep me from taking Diesel to dog parks. I started to take him by himself once but the habit didn’t stick. I always felt Diesel deserved to be socialized with other dogs and the exercise that comes with it. Perhaps I just found my reason not to get another dog too soon. Riley’s inability to get along with other dogs makes dog parks challenging.

I always called Diesel my half-on, half-off dog, because he would lay on the sofa like that and get love regularly.

He also loved to lay on the back of the sofa like a cat and look out the window, another thing he hasn’t been able to do in weeks.

I miss seeing his face peeking out the window every time I leave already.

Something really sweet to note, Rowan keeps asking how he is doing. She loves Diesel too. She loved taking him with us to get unicorn pancakes on the weekends.

I may add more memories later.

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