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October 1, 2023 ~ I Danced!

Yesterday ended up pretty productively... Had my hair done, purchased over $500 in blouses, dresses, shoes, purse and more at Ross and should be set for the next few months with work clothes and clothes for the pool halls. I still need jeans. I had to do it because I don't seem to be getting my body back down to the small size I was last year. I didn't have any fall clothes that fit!

Well, I'll end up keeping most of them. I shopped the way I do, grabbing a bunch of things to try on at home. I usually have a few things I'll need to return/exchange. I just hate trying on clothes at a store. It wears me out. I have a better sense of what I like once I've had a chance to relax and then try them on.

And I danced! Gone Country was playing at Huddle Up and they were pretty great. Tonya had to work but Don met me which meant I had a partner to dance with. Swing dancing is so much fun! We hit the Waffle House after which was awesome but a LONG wait. I got home too late and am getting going late this morning as a result. I'm feeling ok though.

Met Will, gave me a lead on a potential client, the band Down to 1. He committed to helping promote their show at Lakeside Tavern Sat the 7th on social media but hasn't done anything for them yet. So... I may jump in and do a little free work for him and end up with a new client for the future.

Mentally, I'm a little messed up. JD was at the club last night with another woman. It hurt to see him happy. He was acting stupid happy having a good time. I don't recall him ever being like that with me.

At first I thought he was being stupid.. obscene with his actions, pretending to be up behind his date in "that way." I thought, he probably knew he could never act that way with me in public. Now, after thinking on it, he was probably just tipsy and didn't even realize how he looked. I don't know. All I know is I don't want to think badly of him. I really don't like thinking badly of anyone.

And... who am I to judge him for that behavior when I was recently judged so similarly? Ha!

I can only hope he was as happy then as I was when I was with Todd because it was a good place to be in my mind at the time. I wish that kind of happiness for everyone.

I'm going to try not to let it get me down today, because it wasn't with me.

It's a ridiculously beautiful fall day today so I'm going to try to get out in it and enjoy it some. Maybe find a public event I can take the dogs. It would be nice if I had someone to do it with.

The kids are having friends over and I'm usually welcome. I'll double check on that and maybe consider going there too.

Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee. News. Dishes (overdue).

I actually slept without sheets on the bed so I need to get them from the dryer this morning. Poor planning yesterday. Diesel goobered on the sheets and I threw them in the wash before going out for the day and forgot all about them. They still needed thrown in the dryer at 1:30am. Ugh!

I'm having trouble making myself sit down and work on the website for my new client. I gave myself a good window of time to get the work done but I feel my old procrastination habit creeping in and worry I'll end up rushing through it. Maybe I can focus this morning and bang out getting it started at least. I have issues with not having a nice desk to use. Setting up offices around the house is tedious, on my dining room table, in the living room or in the backyard. Oy

I'm grateful for having my own place but it still is really small.

I'm a little bummed I'm not going on a ride today. I didn't admit it in my blog post yesterday but I agreed to go for a bike ride, supposedly harmless, with the married man I ran into fri night and a group of his friends. Supposedly his wife is really sick/depressed and he doesn't want to leave her this way. This is what I learned 2 years ago and according to him hasn't changed.

They experienced the loss of a child and she hasn't recovered. I told him then that I couldn't spend time with him. Last night I responded to his text that I wasn't thinking straight on Fri and I still can't do it. He said he understands and respects it.

And here I am with the knowledge he's out on a ride and it's a gorgeous day!!

I'm going to wrap up this post but maybe post more in a little while. I'm feeling a little energy and creativity and may bang out some work!

Have an amazing day!

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