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October 17, 2023 ~ No, I Couldn’t

Busy as heck day yesterday. 10 stops completed, picked up part of costume... Kalob picked up dump pile from side of the house and my broken sofa and took care of business.

3 furniture stores and Gabby, Rowan and I took care of business too, finding a new sofa set for me in the end. Kalob, my hero, picked it up and brought it home too.

I won both of my pool matches. Yes!

And a test from JD in the building, "So you can't talk to me. I hope you're well." I kept it all in and didn't reply, but no, I couldn't. Couldn't stop thinking about him and his "firy" redhead, his words.

KPIs sent to supervisor at midnight and good sleep was had.

Meds/vitamins, dogs, news, coffee. Im feeling overwhelmed with my to-do list still in prep for Thursday and this weekend. Today the cake and balloons will be done! And I will pick up the rest of my costume. And a new dress for the shower?

At some point try to get the grass mowed...

First, shower and sales meeting at 8:30am.

Ugh get me through this d

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