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October 8, 2023 ~ Wow what a Day!

Yesterday! Took the dogs to a fundraising walk in the rain at 9 am and they weren't even permitted! Spent over $500 at the grocery store because I needed a new keirig, earrings, pants, closet organizers? But lots of food too.

Met my friends at the Powhatan Festival of the Grape for wine tasting.

Met friends at a house party with a live band and an incredible spread. Did some dancing.

Met friends at Huddle Up to dance more to Buck Shot VB.

Met friends at the Ranch for more dancing.

What a day/night! This fall weather is incredible.

Today I have a ton of things to do, including breakfast with a friend and dinner with E.

I have a lot of work to do in between for my new clients, if I want them as clients. Focus girl!!

Have an amazing day!

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